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The Transit Master Plan will address DeKalb County's mobility challenges, help to enhance future development opportunities, and improve the quality of life within each of DeKalb's cities and unincorporated communities, both north and south. This initiative will create a 30-year plan for transit investments within available funding.

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This study will take approximately 6 months to generate initial findings, then another 6 months to seek community input and develop a final plan.
This study will consider ways to enhance existing transit services and examine how additional investments in transit will contribute to improving quality of life, the economy and regional connectivity.
Created by the State Legislature, the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (or The ATL) is a new agency charged with coordinating existing and future transit service in a 13-county region. By 2023, all transit agencies must display The ATL branding. With the creation of The ATL, the legislature also included $100 million in bonds for transit.
It is anticipated that The ATL will be looking to local jurisdictions and MARTA for input into the regional prioritization of transit projects. The DeKalb County Transit Master Plan will succinctly layout DeKalb County’s priorities for transit improvements.
The CTP identifies a plan for transportation improvements including all modes. The Transit Master Plan will serve as the transit element of the CTP. Following completion of the Transit Master Plan, DeKalb County will then complete an update for the remaining elements of the CTP in 2019.
MARTA is the largest transit operator in Dekalb County and the region. Additional transit services are provided by the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority’s Xpress service and Gwinnett County Transit (connections to connections to Doraville MARTA Station and Emory University).
The study is being conducted through a partnership between Atlanta Regional Commission, DeKalb County, the 12 cities in DeKalb County and MARTA.
The plan will be adopted by the study partners and submitted to The ATL for consideration. Stay engaged after the study to move the plan forward.

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Project Schedule

Public outreach activities will be continuous throughout the project timeline with three rounds of concentrated activities.

JULY 2018 Kick-off project
AUG 2018 Establish transit vision and goals
SEP 2018 Develop State of DeKalb Transit and economic development vision
OCT 2018 Concentrated public and stakeholder engagement
NOV 2018 Analyze transit market opportunities
DEC 2018–JAN 2019 Define transit investment scenario and financial constraints
FEB 2019 Concentrated public and stakeholder engagement
MAR 2019 Refine transit investment scenarios and financial constraints
JUN 2019 Concentrated public and stakeholder engagement
JUN 2019 Refine and submit recommendations
JUL 2019 Publish final Transit Master Plan